New Book on Wirral Smugglers  by Gavin Chappell

Wirrall, was a dangerous region. The inhabitants were nearly all wreckers and smugglers - they ostensibly carried on the trade of fishermen, farm labourers, and small farmers; but they were deeply saturated with the sin of covetousness, and many a fierce fire has been lighted on the Wirral shore on stormy nights to lure the good ship on the Burbo or Hoyle Banks, there to beat, strain and throb, until her timbers parted, and her planks were floating in confusion on the stormy waves. Fine times then for the Cheshire men..... James Stonehouse 1863.


So begins the book by Gavin Chappell

Recently published by Countywise Publishers, Wirral Smugglers, Wreckers and Pirates by Gavin Chappell is the first authoritative, illustrated, full-length account of smuggling and related activities in Wirral. Covering the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it represents the first book-length account of this important chapter in Wirral’s heritage. Not only does it describe familiar facts in great detail – Mother Redcap and her smugglers’ tavern on the Wallasey shore, the labyrinth of smugglers’ tunnels stretching from the Red Noses in New Brighton throughout Wallasey, and the wreckers who used to prey upon Liverpool-bound shipping – it also covers less well-known aspects of Wirral’s piratical past, including smuggling in Parkgate and Heswall, and the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Fortunatus Wright – the Wallasey privateer. Wirral Smugglers, Wreckers and Pirates is available in paperback at £7.99 from (I found this site difficult- mk)and local bookshops including Waterstones, Linghams and News From Nowhere. I got my copy from the first link below.

About the Author

After researching local history for over ten years, Gavin Chappell became interested in smuggling after a visit to a smugglers’ cave in the garden of a private house in Heswall. This book is the result of his researches.  He is also available to give talks, lectures and interviews on the subject.

MEDIA CONTACT: Gavin Chappell. Email: Phone: 07799655530.

A MUST READ - mike kemble